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Making Innovative, Effective, and High-Quality Medicinal Cannabis Products Accessible to Canadians

Did you know that medical cannabis is a fully covered benefit for you and your dependents?

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Who is Starseed?

Starseed is a full-service medical company offering a full range of cannabis products to treat and manage health conditions

Why Starseed?

  • Covered as a direct benefit (no out of pocket costs)
  • All Products covered (cannabis flower, oil and cannabis 2.0)
  • Best-in-class products (low-high THC and CBD)
  • Preferred pricing discount

Medical Cannabis Made Easy

  • Easy Registration - Free in-person or telemedicine consultations with our team

  • Product Support - Personalized online product and strain selection

  • Simple Transactions - No credit card info required with direct-to-home shipping

  • Excellent customer support - Extended hours and ongoing clinic follow up

The Starseed Referral Program

2-276 Queen St. W.
Toronto ON M5V 2A1
Hours of Operation
Monday - Friday:
8:00am - 8:30pm EST
Saturday and Sunday:
9:00am - 5:00pm EST