The 5 Biggest Mistakes Beginners Make with Recreational Cannabis

Are you new to cannabis and looking to do things the right way, the first time? Or are you a seasoned toker curious to see if you committed a faux-pas when you were first starting out?

Either way, we'll walk you through the five biggest mistakes recreational cannabis consumers make when first starting out.

1) Assuming you won’t get “high” your first time

This myth has likely been perpetuated by first-timers who are smoking incorrectly. If you don’t smoke cannabis properly, you won’t feel the effects properly, and it may take you a few tries to really get it right. There’s nothing scientific here preventing you from getting high, however. If the smoke hits your lungs, you will feel the effect your first time.

2) Not knowing the differences in forms of consumption

There are SO MANY different ways to consume cannabis. From your classic cannabis joints and pot brownies to high-tech dab rigs and cartridges; cannabis comes in many different forms and each will affect the high. Some techniques are designed to consume as much cannabis as possible at once, while others are designed to spread out the effects over time.

There is no one-size-fits-all method when it comes to cannabis consumption, so getting to know the different consumption methods will help you find your preferred one.

3) Pushing your limits with edibles

While smoking cannabis is by far the most common form of consumption, many consumers prefer cannabis in edible form. With edibles, the THC is absorbed through the stomach instead of the lungs so the effects from THC take significantly longer to kick in. It’s a common mistake for first timers to grow impatient with the effects from edibles and consume more. If it’s your first experience with edibles, make sure to give it at least a few hours to fully kick in.

4) Not knowing the difference between indica and sativa

As a beginner cannabis consumer, you may notice that sometimes cannabis makes you feel bright and energetic, while other times it makes you feel relaxed and has more anti-anxiety effects. While the method of consumption can play a role in this, the largest influence is the type of strain.

The majority of strains of cannabis fall into one of two categories, Indica or Sativa. Indicas are known for their more sedative effects, giving the user more of a body high and a deep feeling of relaxation. Sativa is more of an “upper”, often giving an energetic, creative feeling to the user. Knowing what you’re consuming will aid you in having the best experience possible.

5) Smoking cannabis like a cigar

Many first-time smokers make the mistake of smoking cannabis as if it’s a cigar. In order to feel the full effects of cannabis, the smoke needs to be drawn deep into the lungs, more like a cigarette. Draw the smoke into your mouth, take a deep breath, and exhale.

When smoking or vaping, cannabis cannot take effect unless it reaches your lungs, and if it’s only puffed and exhaled like a cigar, the user likely won’t feel much of a high!

Be in the know.

If you're new to cannabis, make sure to check out Cannabis 101 for the tools you need to get familiar with strains and usage.