Our goal is to demystify cannabis and ensure you have the tools and resources to use it responsibly and effectively.

Unlock the healing potential of cannabis and improve your quality of life by seeking medical cannabis from Starseed Medicinal as an alternative treatment option.
*Medicinal cannabis must always be used in consultation with a medical practitioner. Intended for Adults 19+.*

Starseed Medicinal

Your Preferred Medical Cannabis Provider

Starseed Medicinal Makes Innovative, Effective, and High-Quality Medicinal Cannabis Products Accessible to Canadians

Did You Know Medical Cannabis Is a Fully Covered Benefit for You and Your Dependents?

Our goal is to empower you with informed choices and personalized care.

Through your healthcare plans, eligible patients can explore the therapeutic potential of medical cannabis under the guidance of qualified healthcare professionals without the financial burden.  

Discover the possibilities with medical cannabis and let Starseed Medicinal help you on your journey to better health.
  • End-to-End Patient "Concierge" Service
  • Product and Strain Selection Support
  • Long-Term Oversight and Utmost Care
  • Simple Payment Administration Process

How to Register for Medical Cannabis

Registering for medical cannabis is a straightforward process designed to provide patients with safe and legal access to this alternative treatment option.

Create Your Starseed Account

Starseed helps individuals and organizations by providing clinic services and access to medical cannabis as a covered direct benefit. Just fill out some information to get started.

Submit Your Medical Form

Before you can order, you must complete a medical document with a licensed health care practitioner. Contact Starseed to learn more about how to obtain a prescription for cannabis.

 Shop for Medicinal Products

Once your document is approved, you are able to make your first medical cannabis order online. Starseed's always-expanding portfolio of medicinal products is available for you.

Medical Cannabis Is Often Used For...

Pain Management

Nausea & Vomiting

Sleep Disorders


Mental Health Management

Body Weight Management

Becoming A Patient

Ready to take charge of your health and learn more about what it means to become a patient?

Embark on the engaging and informative "Becoming A Patient"  learning series and walk through the essential steps and knowledge you need to know to become an informed and empowered patient.

Your journey to better health starts here!
*Medicinal cannabis must always be used in consultation with a medical practitioner. Intended for Adults 19+.*

How To Get Reimbursed for Medical Cannabis

The reimbursement process is super simple. Follow the steps to ensure that your financial well-being is taken care of, so you can focus on what truly matters.

Create Your Free JADEO Account

JADEO is a free exclusive educational portal meticulously crafted to inform LiUNA members and their dependents on the vital aspects of health and safety when it comes to cannabis.

Successfully Complete the Learning Series

Complete the On the Job Site learning series (for members) or the Cannabis 101 series (for dependents), pass the quiz, input your full legal name, and download your certificate.

Send Your Certificate to Insurance

After obtaining your certificate, all that's left to do is attach it to your insurance claim submission. This step will enable you to unlock the financial advantages for your medical cannabis needs.

What The Data Says...

While the majority of LiUNA members agree that cannabis has medicinal benefits, many state that they do not know much about medical cannabis.

Here are some advantages of using medical versus recreational cannabis for health concerns:
  • Quality Medicinal Products
  • Consistent Availability of Products
  • Guidance By Health Professionals
  • Customized Treatment Plans
  • Direct Home Shipping
  • And Much More

More Learning Series

Whether you're curious about cannabis and the workplace or seeking to deepen your understanding of the impact cannabis can have on your health and well-being, we have numerous carefully curated learning series that are tailored to meet your needs.

Our team of expert instructors will guide you through evidence-based information, dispelling myths, and answering your questions. From the basics of cannabis biology and its interaction with the human body's endocannabinoid system to the evolving legal landscape and responsible use, we leave no stone unturned.

Take advantage of these free resources and take the first step towards becoming a well-informed advocate for your health and wellness when it comes to cannabis.

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