A Quick Guide to Safe Cannabis Storage

With cannabis use entering the mainstream in many parts of the world, it’s becoming increasingly common for Canadians to keep a cannabis stash at home - often alongside family and pets. We all want to keep our loved ones safe, which is why learning to store your cannabis safely is more important than ever.

Not only will proper storage keep your dog from having a potentially dangerous snack, you’ll also reap the benefits of fresher and longer-lasting weed. Let’s take a look at the main things you’ll want to consider when storing your herb.

Safety First!

While fresh cannabis is a bonus, of course, the paramount focus of storing your cannabis is the safety of your family and pets.

It’s important to know that dogs and cats can indeed get ‘high’ from the consumption of any type of cannabis - including edibles, tinctures, butter, and dry flower. Even small amounts of cannabis can cause intoxication in pets, but unfortunately, it’s not the same enjoyable high we experience as humans.

Cannabis intoxication can be frightening for your pet, and potentially dangerous if consumed in large amounts or with chocolate. Accidental cannabis consumption can be an unexpected, scary, and uncomfortable experience for your child as well. While your child is less likely than your dog to eat dried flower or a pre-roll that you’ve left on the table (and unlikely to experience any effect of eating dried flower if they did), the real risk comes from edibles.
Cannabis infused into everyday foods, such as brownies, cookies, gummies, and drinks can easily be mistaken for the real deal. Plus, what kid doesn’t try to sneak sweets when nobody's looking? You’ll want to ensure that you store your cannabis products far out of reach of children and pets, and if possible, in a lockbox or other secure container. In the case of edibles, it’s a good idea to label the containers to prevent children or guests from having an unexpected journey when trying to snag one of your snacks while you’re not looking. Not today, granny!

If your pet or child does consume cannabis, contact the vet or emergency services immediately for further guidance.

The Do's and Don'ts of Safe Cannabis Storage

Do - keep your cannabis products well out of reach of children and pets.
Do - label your cannabis products, particularly edibles.
Don’t - leave loose dried flower or unfinished joints in the reach of children or pets.