Are Cannabis Beverages Worth the Hype?

What does the law say?

The Cannabis Act allows Canadians to carry no more than 30 grams of dried cannabis or its “equivalent” at one time. Health Canada has deemed one gram of dried cannabis would also be equivalent to 70 grams of non-solids containing cannabis, like oils and liquids.

So that means that one gram of dried cannabis is equivalent to 70 grams of a cannabis drink.

And every can of a beverage sold in Canada is limited to 10 milligrams of THC.
Drinks pictured above may not be available in Canada

What does this mean for you?

For consumers this means, given the standard 355mL size of cans sold, one person cannot purchase more than five beverages per visit to a cannabis retail store or online.

The good news is that, because retail stores understand the limits on purchasing beverages, you’ll likely find a great supply of chilled ready-to-drink beverages at your local cannabis shop.

However, since you can only ever have five cans of a beverage per person in your home, it’s quite difficult to keep your fridge stocked or throw a party with weed beverages as a drink option. This can make the purchase of cannabis beverages quite limiting, while alcoholic beverages are widely available and can be purchased with ease.
Drinks pictured above may not be available in Canada

Are people buying cannabis beverages?

In its most recent quarterly report, The Ontario Cannabis Store published that cannabis beverages make up only 2% of total cannabis sales in Ontario.

Are things going to change?

Health Canada is currently looking at changing regulations to increase the number of cannabis drinks a consumer can purchase at once. The proposed changes to the public possession limit for cannabis beverages would mean that one adult would be able to carry 17.1 liters (or 48 standard-sized beverage cans) at once.

We should learn more about the potential changes this fall, so stay tuned!
Drinks pictured above may not be available in Canada
In the meantime, the chilled options in your local cannabis shop are a wonderful choice. Some other beverage options that have much higher quantity limits on them are hot chocolate, coffee, or herbal tea.