Everything You Need to Know About Camping With Cannabis

Whether you’re camping, RVing, or just spending the day at a provincial park, we’re sharing some tips so that you can explore safely AND obey the law. Lucky for us, Ontario is one of the most cannabis-friendly provinces and we have plenty of natural parks to enjoy.
If you are in a Parks Canada campground, the general rule of thumb is to consume cannabis on your campsite. However, in Ontario, you can also consume cannabis on Parks Canada and Ontario Parks trails, backcountry, and even in day-use areas like swimming holes. Campground common areas like playgrounds, parking areas, washrooms, and kitchen shelters are off limits for cannabis consumption.
When it comes to private campgrounds, they set their own rules. So if you are headed to a private campground, check the facility’s regulations before you pack cannabis.

Under the Smoke-Free Ontario Act, if you smoke or vape where it’s not allowed, you may be charged with an offence and be subject to a fine of $1000 for a first offence, and $5000 for any further offence.

Something to keep in mind:

If you are packing beer or coolers for a weekend away, there are no limits on the amount you can carry. However, with cannabis, you can legally carry 30 grams of dried flower (or the equivalent).
We probably don’t need to tell you, but you should never drive a vehicle or do any water sports (like kayaking or canoeing) while impaired.

Our Favourite Ontario Parks and Trails

Enjoy your time exploring the parks of Ontario! We have some of the best parks in the country right in our backyard. Here are some of the JADEO team’s favourite Ontario parks and trails:

Bruce Trail

Canada's oldest and longest marked footpath stretches 900 km from Niagara to Tobermory. It’s the perfect trail for hiking in the summer and snowshoeing in the winter!

Craigleith Provincial Park

Located at the Base of Blue Mountain, Craigleith was created to protect a historic oil shale beach. Fractured plates of shale that form the shoreline contain fossils that are 450 million years old!

Algonquin Provincial Park

Canada’s oldest (and maybe most popular) provincial park is great place to go camping. There are many drive-in campgrounds in Algonquin, however the park is better known for its interior camping.

What is interior camping? Campsites that are only accessible by canoe or hiking in the summer, or ski or snowshoe in the winter. Algonquin Park provides some of Canada's best canoeing, with hundreds of lakes and rivers forming a 2,000-kilometre-long interconnected system of canoe routes.
No matter where you are headed for your camping or hiking trip, make sure to follow the local laws. And - as always - when trying cannabis or a new method of consuming it, start low and go slow. When you are camping or hiking, it is especially important to be aware of your surroundings and to be respectful of others.

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