Here are Four Cannabis-Infused Treats for Your Next Holiday Party

Rosin-Infused Almond Brittle

This is not your average edible. Brittle is a versatile treat - it can be served as a dessert or put out on a table next to your more typical snack staples, like potato chips and M&Ms. We love that this brittle has very simple ingredients and a kick of THC.

Cinnamon Biscuit by THC Kiss

These cinnamon cookies are the real deal. When you bite into these biscuits and taste the warm cinnamon flavours, it just feels like the holidays! These are a great edible any time of the year though.

Ginger Lime Canntini

This sparkling drink has notes of ginger beer, lime, and one of our favourite terpenes: curcurmene. Drink it over ice, OR mix it with cranberry juice for a THC-infused twist on a classic holiday punch. 

Peppermint Chocolate Indica

Candy canes are a Christmas staple. Add in handmade cannabis-infused Belgian chocolate and you have the perfect treat for your next holiday party.
When it comes to edibles, it’s always important to remember:

Do - store cannabis products well out of reach of children and in a locked container.
Do - keep cannabis products in their original packaging, especially edibles. Your guests need to know exactly what is inside their snacks.
Don’t - leave loose dried flower or unfinished joints in the reach of children.

For more tips on cannabis storage, check out our video on childproofing your cannabis.