The Lazy Stoner Myth

Is loss of motivation a real side effect of cannabis use?

The answer to this question: it depends.

We all know the negative connotations that stoners have in iconic movies like Cheech and Chong, the Big Lebowski, Pineapple Express, and Half Baked. These movies illustrate a dude sitting on a couch in a mental fog, unable to solve problems.
BUT many people forget that top athletes, like Michael Phelps, and billionaire CEOs like Richard Branson are well-known cannabis consumers. Their accomplishments demonstrate discipline and speak for themselves as symbols of motivation. The connection between cannabis and motivation may have more to do with the strain of cannabis than anything else. 


Sativa strains are known as the “uppers” of the cannabis world. They provide a clear head high, give an energy boost that can help people get tasks done, and these strains tend to have a bright, fruity smell. Many people who use cannabis daily like to use sativa strains to help them check items off their to-do list while staying agile, mobile, and enthused.  


Indica strains are more commonly associated with couch-lock. These strains tend to produce a body-high. They are often used to help people enjoy a good night's rest, and are more often used to manage body aches and pains.

These strains typically have an earthy, rich scent, and they can be really nice for individuals who are dealing with anxiety. According to the historical work, The Hasheesh Eater, author Fitz Hugh Ludlow notes that indica strains were prized by Oriental and Indian cultures. They would often consume this particular strain in an edible form, as ghee.


At this point in the evolution of cannabis, many strains are considered hybrid, meaning they are a mix of sativa and indica. The market shows that consumers love hybrids, with hybrid strains being the most popular item sold in stores.

If you ask cannabis growers, like Kenji Fujishima, Partner and Lead Cultivator of Dr. Greenthumbs, Green Thumb Farmz, and Insane OG, they'll tell you that the majority of strains are hybrid. Of course, this can be frustrating to a consumer who is looking for a specific effect when using cannabis; however, your healthcare practitioner, or even your local cannabis store budtender will be able to guide you on which hybrid strains are indica or sativa dominant.

It should be noted, of course, that everyone is different and different people can respond to strains in different ways. Similar to how, for example, some of us might know people who actually get sleepy when they drink caffeine and seem to get more energetic when they consume alcohol.

So is the lazy stoner myth true?

The lazy stoner myth is indeed a myth and it's fuelled by a lack of information about variety and a user’s goals. The next time someone references a lazy stoner, you might want to remind them that cannabis really has nothing to do with being lazy because being lazy, like so many other aspects of life, boils down to a choice.  

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