This Is the Most Popular Strain of Cannabis in Ontario Right Now

Pink Kush is the NUMBER ONE selling strand on and the second most popular strain in Canada, right after Blue Dream. Pink Kush also has a popular relative, OG Kush. But Pink Kush gets its name from the pinkish-purple hue of its buds!
Pink Kush is mainly grown in BC, but its popularity is certainly growing across the country. Some of the common dominant terpenes in Pink Kush include linalool, limonene, and caryophyllene, which means that you’ll find this strain to have an earthy, citrusy, sweet floral odour.

Pink Kush is Potent

Pink Kush is a really potent indica-dominant strain, with many people reporting that the strain makes them feel relaxed or sleepy. Another thing that sets Pink Kush apart from other strains is its high THC content. The Pink Kush strains available in Ontario have anywhere from 15 - 25% THC!

Pink Kush is Consistent

Pink Kush can come in different shapes, varying colours, and a wide range of scents depending on the Licensed Producer (LP) growing it. And as for what makes this strain so popular, reviewers say that - regardless of the shape, colour, or scent - Pink Kush seems to deliver a really consistent experience.

Start Low and Go Slow

The Pink Kush available in Ontario can be very high in THC. Whether you are smoking, vaping, or consuming extracts or edibles, make sure to start  with a small amount so that you understand how this particular strain affects you.

Stay in the Know

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