The Weirdest Things on the OCS Website

If you're in Ontario and looking to purchase cannabis products, buying online from the Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS) is a popular choice. But beyond the usual flower, edibles, and concentrates, the OCS also offers some truly bizarre items for sale. Here are some of the weirdest things you can buy on

Cannabis-Infused Toothpaste

That's right, cannabis-infused toothpaste is now a thing. This product promises to freshen your breath, fight cavities, and reduce sensitivity and inflammation all at the same time. It's made with all-natural ingredients and contains 125mg of CBD and 6.25mg of THC per tube.
Cost: $15.99 per tube
OCS 2023 -

Cannabis-Infused Bath Bomb

Relax in style with a cannabis-infused bath bomb. These bath bombs contain 50mg of THC and 50mg of CBD. They are made with natural ingredients like Epsom salt and essential oils. Just drop one in the tub and soak your troubles away.
Cost: $14.95 per piece
Ontario Cannabis Store 2023 -

Cannabis-Infused Coffee Pods

Need a little extra buzz in the morning? Try cannabis-infused coffee pods. Each pod contains 20mg of CBD, 10mg of THC, and is compatible with Keurig machines. Just pop one in and enjoy a cannabis-infused cup of joe.
Cost: $15.75 per 2 pack

Cannabis-Infused Hot Sauce

For those who love a bit of spice in their life, there's cannabis-infused hot sauce. This product is collaboration between Bogart’s Kitchen and Heartbeat Hot Sauce and contains 10mg of THC per bottle. It's made with all-natural ingredients and can be used to add a kick to your favourite foods.
Cost: $9.95 per pack
The OCS offers a wide variety of unique and sometimes bizarre cannabis products. While some may seem a bit odd, they're all made with high-quality ingredients and are a fun way to enjoy your favourite herb. So the next time you're browsing the OCS website, why not try something a little different?

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