Three Black-Owned Cannabis Businesses to Support This Black History Month

HRVSTR Cannabis Inc. 2020 -
February is Black History Month. In addition to learning about Black history, we encourage our members to support Black-owned cannabis businesses. Buying from Black-owned licensed producers (LPs), shops, and brands is one of many ways to be an ally and show support to a community that has been deeply affected by systemic racism.
A quick Google search can direct you to Black-owned businesses within your community, but here are a few Black-owned businesses in the Canadian cannabis space that we encourage you to support and shop with! 
HRVSTR Cannabis Inc. 2020 -


HRVSTR is a family-owned licensed producer of craft cannabis. They are Black-owned and operated and they produce their product in an ethical manner. A few of their premium strains are currently undergoing analytical testing, so keep an eye out for them at your local dispensary or on soon!
Dan Levy, Mar 2021 - Google Images: 


Cori is an Authourized Retailer that first opened in January 2021. With two locations on Queen Street West in Toronto, the team at Cori has curated their product line to release your inner-amazing.  Every single product stocked at Cori is plant-based and personally tested by founder Lula Fukur.
Mota Toke, Nov 2020 - Google Images: 

Mota Toke

Located at 249 Greenwood Ave in East York, Mota Toke was the 250th Authourized Retailer to open in Ontario. Co-owner Dwight Clarke takes pride in the fact that they run a fully-independent black-owned business.

Representation matters. Canada’s cannabis industry is becoming a diverse marketplace and buying from BIPOC-owned businesses is a great way to support diversity in cannabis.

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